Where to Dine

Only places serving fresh local food are included in our directory. To find an eating-place to suit your needs:-

  • Select the county - either by clicking on the map below, or from the drop down list to the right of this screen.
  • Click find restaurants. A full list of restaurants, cafes and tea rooms in your chosen county will be displayed.

If you are unsure of the county, but know the name of the restaurant, or the town it is in, type the name of the restaurant OR the town, BUT NOT BOTH into the keyword search, then select all areas in the drop down box.  You do not need to type the full name.

If you have a long list, refine your search using one or more of the following methods.

  • Use the keyword to select a specific town.
  • Click opening hours options to select the time of day you wish to eat
  • Click venue type options to choose the type of establishment you wish to eat in (eg country pub or take away)
  • Click cuisine options¬† to choose the type of food you wish to eat (eg Pub Grub or Chinese)
  • Click entertainment options to choose any form of entertainment you would like to enjoy whilst eating your meal.
  • Click find restaurant to display the best matches to your selection

Click the selection button again to hide your search and move onto the next selection.

If no restaurants are displayed, reduce the number of choices you have made. Remember that a restaurant will only be displayed if the owner has ticked exactly the same boxes as you.

Please select an area from the map below or make a search using the search form on the right.