Terms & Conditions

a)    By submitting your details for inclusion on www.mealsinfields.co.uk you agree to the terms and conditions in this document.

b)    The content, spelling and accuracy of the copy is the responsibility of the customer.  Seasoned Solutions Limited editorial staff will read all copy and advise should errors in spelling and/or grammar be found.

c)    Language must be appropriate to the audience accessing the website.  Profanity, blasphemy or any other form of language, reference or image which might be held to be offensive by any section of society is not acceptable.

d)    We reserve the right to edit your copy, should it be necessary for any reason, and will advise you should such changes be made.

e)    All graphics uploaded must be free from any copyright and the legal property of the business uploading such graphics and images.  Seasoned Solutions Limited will not be responsible for any infringement of copyright or ownership of graphics and images.

f)     Should any dispute over the right to use graphics or images arise, the personal page will be removed together with all references to the business involved until such disputes are resolved.

g)    The advertiser will indemnify Seasoned Solutions Limited against any actions and/or costs arising from the publication of graphics and/or text provided by the customer.

h)    Contracts are deemed to be made in England and are subject to English law, irrespective of the location of the customer.

i)      All prices stated in Pounds Sterling and subject to any and all appropriate and applicable British taxes at point and date of invoicing.

j)      All payments to be made in Pounds Sterling, preferably using electronic transfer systems,

k)     Payments made by electronic transfer must show the name of the customer and our invoice reference number.

l)      Cheques will be accepted until such time as the banks discontinue the service

m)  Payment is required, in full, within 7 days of the date of the invoice, unless other terms are agreed at the time of sale and recorded overleaf..

n)    Your order will be deemed to be current and continuing year on year, for a minimum period of three years, unless notification of cancellation is received in writing at least one calendar month before the next anniversary date.

o)    Banner and spot advertising and advertorial items are payable one month in advance.

p)    When an extension to the publication period for banner, spot or advertorial items is agreed, the charge will be calculated for the number of additional months, as if a new order had been placed.

q)    Where monthly payment terms are agreed, an appropriate automatic method of payment must be set up to ensure that the first payment is received at Seasoned Solutions bank no later than 7 days after the invoice date, and that all subsequent payments are made on the same day of each succeeding month.

r)    In all cases, Invoices will be sent at appropriate intervals to cover further inclusion on the website.  Normal payment terms will apply.

s)    Prices may be varied at the discretion of Seasoned Solutions Limited to reflect changing costs associated with the maintenance and promotion of the website.