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A Big Voice for Small Business

Independent retailers, restaurants and holiday sites are disadvantaged by the advertising budgets of large companies, yet the little businesses offer a better, personal service and the food retailers offer a quality of product that cannot be beaten.  If enough small businesses band together, each paying a small annual contribution, we can create a national marketing campaign to level the playing field and make people across the country aware of the variety and quality available on the high street, in the countryside and on the coast.  Joining gives you access to marketing professionals for just pennies per week.

Strength in Numbers

Small and micro businesses employ the vast majority of people in the UK, yet because they cannot afford the type of promotion used by the multi-nationals, they are often pushed out of business whenever a national chain moves into town.  Although the small company may not be able to compete directly on price, their quality and personal service is unassailable.

To level the playing field and take on the large national and multi-national companies we need to work together, each contributing a small annual subscription to create a professional marketing strategy charged with developing awareness in the public of the benefits of keeping money flowing around the local economy, strengthening the small businesses and thus creating a sustainable future.

The chart below gives an idea of how, by joining together, we can produce the same quality of promotion for all small businesses who appear in

Promotion Method

Number of Subscribers

One advertisement, club journals


One advertisement other magazines, trade journals


One regional outdoor exhibition, space rental only


One roadside poster for one week, including printing costs


One exhibition at NEC, ExCeL or similar venue, space rental only


One full page in a National Daily Newspaper


One 30 second advert on regional radio, excluding production costs


One 30 second advert on TV (average) excluding production costs


One 30 second advert on ITV1, excluding production costs


Production costs for TV advertising (realistic estimate)


Based on an annual subscription of £50.00

Typical Visitors

Joining puts your business in front of an ever-growing audience who spend leisure time in the UK, either as a main holiday or any number of weekend short breaks throughout the year.  Research by the Caravan Club has shown that these people spend millions of pounds in the local economy – particularly buying food and eating out.  Visitor numbers to the website are rising constantly and include a significant percentage of visitors from Europe planning their main holiday in the UK, and looking for real British food.

More for your Money

As a subscriber to mealsinfields you get:-

  • A business card in the appropriate "Where to" directory, with an image.

  • A full personal page with umlimited access and unlimited words for you to describe your business

  • Three images which expand on the click of the mouse

  • A video clip

  • Locaton map

  • List of services/products/facilities

  • Link to your website

  • Automatic e-mail response

Promoting mealsinfields

Events, Shows and Exhibitions - Our team of local Area Managers search out as many different events as possible that we can then attend to promote mealsinfields to the general public, and of course to meet with potential subscribers.  We attend as many events in as many different areas as possible.

Social media - particularly Twitter and Facebook - are used to keep the mealsinfields name in front of a growing number of follwers.  Twitter has proved to be most successful with tweets being re-tweeted to over 50,000 people on a regular basis.  If you are a subscriber, and have a Twitter ID, we will tweet directly to you, retweet your tweets and ensure we mention you regularly in our Twitter campaigns.

Our newsletter is sent out to over 1500 inboxes every month, to people who have requested the newsletter from the home page.  In addition we send the same newsletter to the committee of every Caravan Club Centre and Camping and Caravanning Club District Association many of whom then circulate the newsletter amongst their own members.

We send information to national and local press, joining any local debates especially where there is an interest in revitalising local shops and high streets.

As and when finance allows we will increase our national advertising in magazines, journals, newspapers and eventually on radio and television.

Join Now – Here’s How

  • Click here and register your name and e-mail address.You will get an automatic e-mail confirming your registration, just to make sure the address is correct and working.
  • Now log in.  You can log in from any page, just click on the words at the top of the page.
  • At the right hand side of the page you will see three big buttons to + my business.  Click on the one relevant to your business – accommodation, shop or restaurant. 
  • Fill in the form giving the name, location and contact details of the business.  Click next and enter the details of your business, your own description and upload your chosen pictures. Click submit to send your details.

You will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation that your advertisement has been sent to our office.

What happens next?

Our team will activate your listing as quickly as possible, and inform you by return of e-mail.  Please note that we are not a 24/7 operation and you may have to wait overnight, or over the weekend, before you hear from us.

You will receive an invoice which we ask you to pay within seven days.  We prefer electronic transfers, but are happy to accept a cheque for as long as the banks issue and process them.  Our local Area Manager will contact you to ensure that you fully understand how to maintain your personal page.

Need more help?

If you would like help in preparing and writing your personal page, please call our office.  We can offer a copywriting and/or photography service at an additional cost, based on time and mileage.

If you cannot afford just £50 per year, there is an option to put some basic information onto the website for free.  All that will be displayed will be your business name, postal address and phone number with an optional e-mail.  Free listings are displayed below the subscribers' listings.