Stock a Mini-Larder

Simple Ideas from Wild Beef West Country Farm Shop

We recommend buying fresh, responsibly produced fish, meat, eggs, dairy and vegetables from local farm shops, delis and farmers’ markets as and when you need them. And, while you can find ingredients in the hedgerow and on the seashore, such as salad leaves, herbs and seaweed, there’s no substitute for a dependable, pared down larder. That way, you’ll be able to rustle up a delicious meal in even the smallest kitchen or galley. Here are a few things we think you should always find room to include:

Cooking oil - we recommend Bell & Loxton’s rapeseed oil*, which has a higher smoking point in cooking than olive oil, more Omega 3 and half the saturated fat of olive oil;

Dried pasta, cous cous and rice in plastic containers with tightly fitting lids;

A selection of your favourite dried herbs and spices, such as oregano, thyme, bay leaves and rosemary - you can always decant them into travel-size pill boxes;

Salt and pepper. We suggest Cornish Sea Salt pinch pots* which come in a variety of incredible flavours, such as Garlic Sea Salt, Chilli Sea Salt and Spicy BBQ Sea Salt, ideal for fish or meat;

A carton or two of chopped tomatoes and legumes/beans;

Stock cubes;

Tea and coffee – we recommend taking loose leaf re-fill pyramids and a small caddy of Classic Tea from Tregothnan Estate*, and decanting your favourite coffee granules into a small container;

Biscuits – consider Rodda’s clotted cream fudge and shortbread* for times when you fancy a sweet treat or invite the neighbouring family over for a cuppa.

*Available from the Wild Beef West Country Farm Shop.