Guestimate Quantities

The recipes on this website use either metric or imperial measurements – sometimes they use a mixture of both, and some even use American Cups for good measure.  In reality we don’t carry scales and measuring jugs in the caravans, so here is a simple conversion chart.

Please note, these are not exact equivalent measures, but the nearest sensible measure in the other system. 

Imperial Measures

Metric Measures

Caravan Measures

3 fl oz

100 ml

Try half an average wine glass, or a baby’s feeder cup

8 fl oz

250 ml

Large wine glass

1/2 pint

300 ml

Check your coffee mug, it’s probably spot on.  You can always use a 1/2 pint beer glass.

1 pint

550 ml

Use a beer glass or mug.

1 3/4 pints

1 litre

Milk or juice carton, but check the label.

1 oz – flour, sugar or similar

25 grams

1 flat tablespoon

2 oz butter or hard margarine

50 grams

Check the packing – it might be marked!

The width of your thumb across the short side of the block.

1/2 lb fish or seafood

225 grams

Two fillets of fish – or whatever size fish two people in your family will eat.

Seafood – think in terms of a pre-packed seafood cocktail, about enough for two.

1/2 lb minced beef, pork or lamb

225 grams

Two large handfuls of mince – think quarterpounder beefburger here, one handful each.

1 lb meat

450 grams

Think in terms of slices of meat, chops, steaks etc to feed two average people.


An American Cup?  

Simple use any cup, glass or mug.  It is just a way of making sure the proportions are right.  It does not have any special volume or weight attached.  This is probably the easiest way to measure ingredients and is perfect for the caravan.


Did you know 2 teaspoonsful = 1 dessertspoonful, and 2 dessertspoonsful = 1 tablespoonful.  So if you don't carry a large tablespoon in your caravan, just use 2 dessertspoonsful.


Spaghetti is traditionally measured using a series of circular holes in a plastic rule.  Fingers work very well.  For one person fold your forefinger into your thumb so that the finger tip fits snugly into the base of your thumb.  For two people, the forefinger and thumb meet at the tips.

Herbs and Spices

Recipes often call for a teaspoon of herbs or spices.  This is purely a guide.  If you use dried herbs and spices in jars, just shake them into the palm of your cupped hand, to avoid too much going into the mix, and adjust to your own taste.  You can easily put excess herbs and spices back into the jar from your hand.